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Cape Cod Web Design

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Cape Cod Web Design

We used the simple and solid WordPress: Twenty-Seventeen theme giving this site a very modern look and feel.

WordPress themes not only give your a large choice of options for the look of your website, they also make it easy for you to write blogs and update your website.

Or, you can leave it all to us.

Just tell us what you want to say and we can make sure that your website expresses your point of view!

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What’s new at Stardog Designs

Take a look around and watch Stardog grow.  We’ve got a favicom now, what could be better?  Favicom?  What’s a favicom?

It’s the little icon that shows up on on your browser’s tab next to the website’s name.  For example, the NY Times has their logo.  We have a funny little stardog thingy, it’s probably not the greatest, nevertheless, they are pretty fun to make and they are just one small touch that makes a website seem a bit more official.